Client: Manningham City Council

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Manningham City Council

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Stintons Reserve Leachate Management System

In the 1970s and 1980s the majority of the now Stintons Reserve served as a Council operated tip.
In the late 80’s this was converted to the current reserve. All sporting facilities in the reserve are constructed on top of the landfill and the leachate ponds at the northern end of the Reserve are part of the environmental management system. After 2 spontaneous fires within 6 weeks, the EPA determined that the site needed to be upgraded to current standards for landfill site. Entracon was engaged to cre­ate the new Leachate Management System .


• Dewatering of the existing leachate pond and water control management during construction;
• Clearing, grubbing and off-site disposal of vegetation and other obstructions to the work;
• Excavation works
• Construction of firm subgrade for GCL liner installation
• Supply and installation of Reno mattress including basket assembly, connections and tie in of baskets and installation of rock.
• Construction of subsurface cut off drain including slotted drains, placement of geotextile layers and backfilling
• Construction of concrete lined stormwater cut off drain around the wetland


• Working with contaminated ground water
• Limited site access
• Poor Ground conditions