Client: Knox City Council

Project Design:

Knox City Council

Contract Sum:


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Boronia Retarding Basin

Knox City Council has been working closely with Melbourne Water for the past 2 years to identify ways to improve the storage capacity of the retarding basin for flood protection of residents, without losing a much valued park site . In its current form the Retarding Basin and surrounding drainage has a high risk of reaching its full storage capacity and flooding overland through adjacent streets. The upgrade works will significantly reduce the risk of flooding to adjacent properties .Completion of the project will see an improved useability of the park with creation of a ‘meadow’ and wetland garden, feature trees, wider paths and a multipurpose plaza space.

Key Aspects:

• Working in a live drainage asset
• Protection of existing gum trees
• Site access and proximity to major road

Works Include:

• Bulk Earthworks
• Concrete Paving
• Design, construction and certification of timber boardwalks
• Landscaping
• Installation of Public Lighting
• Construction of Drainage and pit structures
• Construction of Retaining walls
• Top soiling and seeding of lawn areas.