Client: Dacland Management

Project Design:

SPIIRE Australia

Contract Sum:  $2.5M

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Mitchells Run Section 23

Mitchell’s Run Estate is part of the new urban area of Doreen, 26km north-east of Melbourne. It is characterised by mature remnant red gum trees, basalt outcrops and a central drainage corridor constructed to reflect the natural systems of the area.

The development and construction challenge was to create a new drainage corridor capable of treating storm water from the Mitchell’s Run estate and from another four incomplete, surrounding develop­ments before out-falling into the Plenty River. A number of large red gums and other indigenous trees needed to be retained and a com­mercially viable, connected urban layout produced. In addition to these constraints, the Client required that drainage works should be natural in appearance.

To achieve this storm water is treated through a series of wetlands and rain gardens and the drainage line has constructed pool and riffle sec­tions. The successful protection of the remnant red gum communi­ty during construction has ensured the preservation of the ‘sense of place’ of the locality.
Mitchell’s Run Estate was awarded the 2013 LIDIA Award for Excellence, Residential Development of 250 Lots or more.

Located in Doreen, part of Melbourne’s northern growth corridor, Mitchells Run is an established residential neighbourhood. With the aim to maintain the natural topography, remnant rivergums and waterways, Entracon is working with Dacland Management to create a Wetland that will not only enhance the liveability of the estate but also serve as a functional stormwater treatment and floodway catchment.


• Removal of existing culverts and pipework
• Bulk earthworks
• Stormwater Pits
• Rock Weir
• Construction of sediment pond with clay liner
• Aquatic Planting and landscaping


• Heavy Rains causing flooding of the works area
• Protection of Flora/Fauna
• Extensive rock breaking for the wetlands
• Planting and maintenance of substantial amounts of soft landscaping
• Rabbit control