Client: WA Water Corporation

Project Design:

Jacobs / Worley Parsons

Contract Sum:  $12.3M

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Kununurra Diversion Dam Abutment Remediation

The Kununurra Diversion Dam (KDD) is experiencing seepage in both the left and right abutments where the core lifts from the rock foundations and the cut-off is terminated with the variable layered alluvial deposits. Currently there is a risk to the dam of piping failure and slope stability failure that is not within the dam safety guidelines published by the Australian National Committee on Large Dams.

To facilitate repairs to the structure, the contractor will excavate both the left and right abutments of the levee structure to install a seepage trench to channel seepage water through the abutments. Additionally, both abutments will increase in height and footprint size as a result of construction activities.




  • Installation of 332 no. 1m diameter stone columns
  • Installation of 80 no. 1.5m diameter sand filter piles
  • Installation of dewatering spears
  • Excavation of 3000m3 of saturated silt
  • Construction of sand and gravel filters
  • Screening of rockfill required to complete the project at an offsite quarry location
  • Construction of rock embankments with approx. 80,000 tonne of imported rockfill
  • Construction of concrete seepage weirs


  • Working with live waterway
  • Remote location
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Crocodiles