Client: Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Resort Management

Project Design:

Entracon Civil Pty Ltd

Contract Sum:  $8M


Mt Buller Water Storage Project

The Mount Buller Water Storage Project will deliver a 100 megalitre water storage facility to primarily supply resident and visitor populations with potable water, improve firefighting capability, whilst also maintaining the Resort’s amenity and functionality during winter for skiing and snow play through snowmaking. Water storage and supply has been identified as a critical component for the long-term security, sustainability and growth of the resort in summer and winter.

Entracon was engaged to design and construct this project. The design and construction required careful consideration due to the significant flora and fauna species and habitat in the area as well as the complex geological profile and challenging topography given the size of water storage required. The Water Storage Project has been designed to not only visually integrate with the local landscape but also integrate with the existing recreational purpose of the site.




  • Design and construction of 100 megalitre dam
  • Categorisation of Dam Failure Hazard Consequence and development of Dam Safety Emergency Plan
  • 120,000m 3 earthworks
  • Construction and installation of 150KL concrete storage tank
  • Construction of three pump stations
  • Construction of 1.5km of HDPE pipeline


  • Remote location/difficult access
  • Extreme weather conditions – snow in December, bushfire evacuation in January
  • Strict time constraints
  • Environmentally significant area
  • Seven day working week
  • Site 1700m above sea level
  • Site in active bushfire zone