Entracon has completed a significant number of Water Harvesting Systems along with the supply and installation of a vast number of varying types of Goss Pollution Traps (GPT’s), and construction of extensive raingarden systems.

Our skilled and specialist staff understand the inherent differences of each project and have constructed award winning projects such as that completed for the City of Whitehorse at Bolton Reserve.

Types of Storage / Tank systems designed and constructed have been:

  • large pipe
  • insitu concrete tank
  • stormtrap / box culvert
  • plastic arch
  • HDPE liner scoria storages

Entracon can assist in the project conception stages by providing advice on proven pumping systems, GPT suitability and containment options, harvesting methodology and of course budgets.

Due to the often high profile nature of these type of projects, care is given not only to the key functional aspects of the construction but also to the aesthetics of the project. Our attention to these details ensure that quality projects are consistently delivered.