Dam construction and associated upgrades involve a complex process which can include highly sensitive elements such as specific construction techniques, water/environmental controls and strict quality checks. It requires an extensive combination of plant, resources and experienced labour  to  successfully complete on time and budget. Entracon are a highly qualified dam construction contractor with the capacity and expertise to complete dam projects to clients needs and expectations. We have the resources and capability for methods such as  dynamic compaction  and  RIC compaction , both common methods of surface tamping in embankment construction. 

The company has a long list of successful past projects from all around Australia. We’ve worked on large and small projects alike, with budgets ranging from under $1 million up to $20 million in the private and public sectors. At Entracon, we are focused on construction that delivers now and into the future. Dam construction from 50 or more years ago is now in need of remediation to cope with the effects of climate change. Our long-term environmental vision and commitment to sustainable practice means that our dam construction works are built to last.


Entracon is a large, multidisciplinary civil construction company with expert contractors for projects relating to remediation works, civil structures, earthworks and mechanical construction. We have third-party accreditations in multiple international standards including Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental systems. We have the capabilities, motivation and resources to complete projects in a range of industries, as well as innovative technology and techniques to ensure we’re at the forefront in managing social, environmental and economic impacts to the client.

We deliver without compromising project budgets or schedules and are committed to effective communication between us as the project contractor and all of the clients key stakeholders.  


Our maxim is AD OPTIMA PERSEQUENDA – ‘in the pursuit of excellence’. Talk to our team about our excellent dam construction and other services. Our skilled staff understand how to lead complex and specialised projects to success, and we have the resources, technology and supportive infrastructure for any sized job. Call our Melbourne head office on (03) 8786 3700 or use the  online enquiry form .