Client: Client: Rous Water Authority

Client Representative:

Wayne Franklin

Project Design:


Client Representatives:

Client Authorised Person:

Doug Scott
Department of Commerce

Contract value: $2.0M

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Rocky Creek Dam Upgrade, NSW.

Works Included:

  • Upper Embankment
    • Trenching and pouring of seepage plug.
    • Construction of a 450mm wide, 3metre high reinforced concrete cut-off wall.
    • Installation of Type 2 filter material on the downstream side of the cut-off wall.
  • Seepage Monitoring Weir
    • Placement of geotextile on upstream and downstream faces to stabilise the weir.
    • Placement of rock beaching.
    • Steel sheet piling through the alluvial bed material and existing sandbag weir.
    • Installation of a flow meter.
    • Placement of concrete rock fill on the crest of the weir.
    • Concrete capping of sheet piles.

Site Issues :

  • Embankment works on live, full reservoir.
  • Remote location.
  • Rare and endangered flora and fauna.
  • Oversized rock in original embankment wall resulting in over excavation for concrete works.
  • Steep access to monitoring weir.
  • Modification to sheet piling works for monitoring weir due to rock base to existing sandbag weir
  • Protection and removal of Night Tiger snakes during demolition of existing wave wall.