Client: City of Whitehorse

Project Design:

Storm Consulting

Contract Sum: $1.2M

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Box Hill Gardens Stormwater Harvest

The prolonged drought and resultant water restrictions of the last few years have motivated Whitehorse City Council to implement several stormwater harvesting projects over the last 5 Years.
At Box Hill the stormwater harvesting project represents the third stage of large scale, direct potable water replacement. The project is capable of producing 15.SML of additional raw water into the council supply each year from the adjoining stormwater drainage systems. The project also included the construction of 2 CDS Gross Pollutant Traps which treat flow into the existing lake and new underground 600ML storage tank. Further to this approximately 14km of underground irrigation has been installed to further drought proof the existing trees within the park.

Works Include:

  • Supply and install Rocla CDS unit to treat diverted Stormwater.
  • Supply and install of 600kl underground tank and associated connections
  • Supply and install plant pit including UV disinfection unit, filter, pumps , meters, valves and controls Supply and planting of all wetland vegetation and associated elements in the pond
  • Construct rock bunding in pond.

Key Aspects:

  • Pedestrian/Public Management & Control
  • High Rainfall
  • Long lead times on capital Items
  • Protection of existing established Flora/Fauna