Client: City of Stonnington

Project Design:

Storm Consulting

Contract Sum:  $1.1M

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Lower Yarra BioDiversity Linkages Project Stage 1

In 2010, the City of Stonnington started one of the biggest regeneration pro­jects in the Yarra River’s recent history – the Yarra River Biodiversity Project. The Yarra River acts as a wildlife corridor (or ‘green freeway’) for many differ­ent animal species. Making your way along the Yarra River you may encoun­ter several of the animal and birds that share this riparian habitat. If you are lucky you may see a noisy flock of Yellow-tailed Black cockatoos .

Stage 1 – Ephemeral Wetland – Entracon
An ephemeral wetland system was constructed during Stage 1 of the Yarra River Biodiversity Project to treat stormwater run-off from the Toorak Village catchment. The wetlands remove sediment and filter pollutants from storm­water including nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen. Vegetation in the wetland also helps to treat the water before it is discharged into the Yarra River, as well as providing habitat for birds, animals and fish.
The bicycle path has been upgraded and a pedestrian boardwalk has been installed, winding through the newly planted indigenous vegetation.

Stages 2 and 3 – Shared Pathways – Entracon
Stage 2 included the construction of a series of bioretention ponds with inte­grated walkways; widening of the cycle path, and improved seating to help people interact with the surrounding environment.
Stage 3 included improved shared pathways, seating and viewing sites as well as increasing levels of biodiversity with indigenous native revegetation works.

Stages 4,5 and 6 are planned and set for completion in 2017

Key Aspects:

• Significant trees retained to enhance amenity
• Majority of all products and materials sourced from sustainable or recyclable sources
• Complex traffic management issues associated with pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles
• Increased environmental controls required working next to Yarra River

Works Include:

• Removal of existing paths and concrete edging
• Pavement construction with tooberac topping paving and crushed rock paving
• Wetlands construction
• Construction of recycled plastic boardwalk
• Retaining wall construction consisting of steel columns & sustainably harvested timbers
• Landscaping of garden beds and wetlands
• Pipe jacking under Alexandra Ave to connect into existing Stormwater line
• Installation of the first Rocla Hydro-Break diversion chamber in Victoria
• Installation of CDS GPT
• Various hard landscaping works