Client: Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Client Representative / Project Manager:

Stephen Patterson

Project Design:

GHD David Howard

Contract Sum:  $2.0M

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Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Working Wetlands

The Royal Botanic Gardens have engaged Entracon to construct the ‘Working Wetlands Project’. This is a stormwater capture and lake improvement project to guarantee the quantity and quality of the water in the Royal Botanic Gardens lake systems.

• Stormwater Capture: As part of the works Entracon are constructing drainage lines to divert some of the water captured in the external road stormwater systems to the gardens lake systems. This will improve water capture to help prevent the lakes systems from drying out in the summer periods.
• Stormwater water improvement: To improve the quality of the incoming stormwater, Entracon are constructing small filtering wetlands systems within the existing lake systems. This includes constructing new waterway embankments, weirs, pits and landscaping all within operating waterways
• Lake water improvement: To improve the water quality within the existing lakes, Entracon are installing a number of pump stations to enable water to be circulated around the lake systems to improve water quality and reduce sediment load.

All these works are being carried to minimise disruption to the existing lake systems and public with the Royal Botanic Gardens open and functioning as normal as possible. Entracon have maintained an open and honest communication line with the Royal Botanic Gardens and the designers (GHD) to complete the works in a very sensitive and high exposure environment.

Site Issues:

• Pedestrian Control/Management
• Preservation and protection of Flora and Fauna
• Poor Foundations for wetland construction
• Silt Management
• Limited working area for micro tunnelling
• Preservation of Heritage Listed areas and objects

Works Include:

• Silt Relocation within gardens
• Construction of Multiple Feature Wetlands
• Approx 1. 5km Horizontal Directional Drilling
• Approx 200m Micro Tunnelling / Boring (Pipe jacking)
• Construction of 3 Pump Stations
• Installation of 2 number CDS Gross Pollutant Traps
• Insitu Concrete Works – Pit Constructions and Modification