Client: Moreland City Council

Project Design:

Spiire Australia

Contract Sum:  $1.0M

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Charles Mutton Reserve

Charles Mutton Reserve is located in Fawkner, north of Melbourne CBD. It is primarily used as a sports ground by local AFL, Cricket, Tennis and Bowls Clubs. To help maintains the numerous grounds in good condition all year round, Council is implementing a stormwater harvesting scheme designed to utilise the existing irrigation system. The system captures stormwater runoff from adja­cent Melbourne Water drains and supplies 16ML of treated water which is equivalent to 75% of the current water demand, resulting in a significant enhancement for the reserve and the council.

Key Aspects:

  • Publicity of project
  • Public Control and Management
  • Connection to MWC asset
  • Heavy Rock excavation

Works Include:

  • Excavation for pipelines and foundations, including dewatering, topsoil stripping and site levelling
  • Excavation and installation of valve pits and buffer storage tanks
  • Excavation of diversion pump stations: sump pit and wet well
  • Construction of Raingarden and underground day storage
  • Installation of GPT